‘I’m working with and against painting’ – an interview with Amy Sillman

Article by Imelda Barnard for Apollo

Ahead of her exhibition at Camden Arts Centre, Amy Sillman talks to Imelda Barnard about the comic impulse, landline phones, and her love/hate relationship with painting

‘The colours I use are the colours of California’ – an interview with Etel Adnan

Article by Gabriel Coxhead for Apollo

There’s something curiously familiar about visiting Etel Adnan’s apartment in Paris. Not that I’ve ever been there before. But in recent years it has become a sort of cult destination for art-world figures, mentioned and mythologised by the various curators and critics who go to meet her, as well as depicted in film-portraits of the artist.

‘New York Has Always Been About Light to Me’: Artist Mary Weatherford Turns On the Neon for Her Inaugural Show at Gagosian

Article by Sarah Cascone for Artnet

Any time an artist signs with Gagosian, it’s a big deal. But for 55-year-old Mary Weatherford, the most exciting thing about joining the world’s biggest gallery just might have been the chance to show in the dealer’s New York flagship, a converted parking garage on 24th Street with clerestory windows just below the ceiling that let in the perfect amount of natural light.

Why Artist Lois Dodd, One of Our Keenest Observers of the Everyday World, Has Been Painting Windows for 50 Years

Article by Lois Dodd author Faye Hirsch for Artnet

Of the many recurrent observational subjects that Lois Dodd has treated throughout her career, none has been more conspicuously ongoing than that of her windows.

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